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If you are stuck in a fitness rut or want to improve your strength and flexibility, consider adding Pilates to your weekly routine. The Pilates method was founded in the 1920s and has since become a popular form of exercise for men and women of all fitness levels interested in building strength, improving posture, and enjoying vibrant health. This complete exercise system can be practiced on the floor (mat pilates) or with a spring-loaded machine (Pilates Reformer). You can practice Pilates almost every day to strengthen your core and target key muscle groups.


About Pilates

Whether you practice Pilates on a mat or on a machine, Pilates is a targeted strength training routine that uses your own bodyweight as resistance to perform most of the exercises. If you already practice yoga or have considered practicing yoga, Pilates will complement your practice by engaging all of your muscle groups and making you more aware of each movement as you move through each exercise.

Pilates routines can be customized to target different muscles and challenge the body in different ways. You can use bands, light weights, and even body rings when working through a basic mat Pilates routine. You can change the settings on a Pilates Reformer to increase the resistance as you focus on building stronger and leaner muscles. Since Pilates focuses on core strength, you can enjoy residual benefits such as a reduced risk of injury and better posture.


Benefits of Pilates

  • Improves strength and flexibility
  • Reduces stress
  • Improves concentration and awareness
  • Improves posture and balance
  • Can improve athletic performance
  • Can help with weight loss
  • Stretches all major muscle groups
  • Strengthens the core
  • Improves stability
  • Reduces lower back pain

Pilates may be a valuable addition to your exercise regimen and offers numerous health and wellness benefits. If you want to learn the basics of Pilates or build upon your existing routine, work with an experienced Pilates instructor to reach your goals.
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