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Tiffany Dalton, FDN-P


Tiffany is a Certified Nutrition Consultant who utilizes functional and integrative nutritional approaches to health.  Her passion is identifying root causes of health complaints, which often stem from lifestyle and nutrition.  She specializes in:

Meet Tiffany

My personal health philosophy is based on Paleolithic lifestyle and nutrition principles.  The Paleo diet is not a “one size fits all” approach.  Paleolithic nutrition simply is a concept of eating the way our bodies are begging for, which can apply to vegans and carnivores, and everything in-between.  When we individualize the diet to fit the needs and goals of the person, it can be life changing.

My personal story began in 2008. I had always been a healthy person; I was a personal trainer, and your typical nutrition guru.  However, after a period of stressful events in my life, the traditional American diet approach wasn’t enough to keep my body from breaking down. I was bed-ridden, depressed, and sick in so many ways, which forced me to dig deep into real nutrition and holistic wellness.  

After a year of a handful of doctor visits, I was eventually diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis and stage III adrenal fatigue.  More importantly, I discovered gluten was the trigger of my autoimmune disease and declining health.  Finally, by taking on a whole new to approach to eating for healing, I found my body and mind fully recovered with an autoimmune specific Paleo Diet.  After regaining my life back, my mission is now to educate and guide those in need of answers to their own health, which I know I can provide.

A whole-foods based diet is the foundation to every human’s health. Adding in Paleo specific protocols and proper supplementation are can take us from fat, sick, and tired, to being at our absolute best within the shortest amount of time.  Whether you are an athlete, a mother, a child, or a grandparent, I’d love to provide you a complimentary consultation, so you too can see how functional nutrition and a personalized Paleo diet could be the key to your health.


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Palm Springs